Site Council

With the hope of soliciting parent/guardian input, feedback, suggestions and participation in issues that may impact your child’s educational and social experience at CFMS, the members of the site council have elected to provide you with updates regarding issues addressed by the council.

One question that may persist in the minds of many is, “what is the site council, and what is its function?” In an effort to give you some insight into the council and its function, the following information is provided for you. Each school in Vail School District is tasked with the responsibility of establishing a site council. Site councils at various levels (e.g., middle school, high school, and elementary school), are composed of different members, however their duties remain the same. At the middle school level, two parents of students enrolled in the school and whom the district in the school of proposed membership does not employ make up the council. Composition also includes two teachers employed by the school, one non-certified employee from the school, and two community members who live within the attendance boundaries of the school and are not employed by the district.

Each site council performs as an ADVISORY group to the school’s administrative staff. The key here is that the members of the council function in an ADVISORY role, not in a policy and procedure capacity. The group represents the parents, community and staff members, soliciting input, suggestions, and feedback from all three.

Some of the issues addressed by the council may include budgetary concerns, dress code, fundraisers, field trips, parental concerns and comments. The council also reviews literature and data, makes recommendations for school improvement, monitors implementation of new instructional designs and provides local leadership and representation in the school decision-making structure. In essence, the council has the “ear” of the school administration and as a result of that, can voice the concerns, suggestions, and input provided by parents, staff, and community members. However, it must be emphasized that voices of all three groups cannot be heard if they elect not to provide council members with their views, concerns and suggestions. Parents, community members, and staff are invited to attend council meetings as their dates and locations will be announced in this website.

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