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Corona Foothills Middle School opened in 2005 to event exploding population in Corona de Tucson. In Corona the schools are the center of the community. 

I have two girls that go here to Corona Foothills Middle School and as a parent I was really nervous about them starting middle school but it has been an amazing experience start to finish for my girls. They have thrived here and been supported the way that they needed to in academics and athletics and clubs and just everything that they have needed they've had here. Corona Foothills is a highly performing school. Our students grow academically and they connect with each other. Our culture supports them and helps them grow as students and as leaders.

I'll have a kid going to high school next year from here and I feel like she's been prepared for the last three years. Socially and academically, athletically; All of it all of the pieces are there for her to thrive and to succeed in high school. 

I love that i can build such easy connections with people. Everyone is so nice here and i can make friends very easily and the teachers they build really close relationships, like strong relationships with people. 

Here at corona they have a wide variety of clubs and athletics it really, you know whatever your kid is into, there's going to be something here for them. Whether it's you know dungeons and dragons club or whether it's running cross-country or playing football or you know, whatever it is… There's the honor society, there's student council there's there's all of these places where your kid is going to fit.  You know, they fit somewhere!

If you want to learn more about Corona Foothills Middle School, feel free to drop by we'd love to give you a tour and meet you and have you meet us you can also visit our website to learn all about our programs or check us out on facebook.