Computer Pickup!

Computer Handout

In order to facilitate a smooth transition into the new school year, we are going to begin checking laptops out to students the week before school starts. Parents will need to bring your signed RUP (Responsible Use Policy), insurance and a laptop sleeve (size 13". The paperwork associated with this process will be sent out to families prior to our pickup dates. Please process your payment through in-touch after July 1st and prior to picking up your computer.

Laptops may be picked up from the library through the community room area of the Sycamore parking lot. Distribution will be organized by grade level for 3 days and then an evening for parents who were unable to pick up during the assigned days. If you have children in multiple grades, you may pick up both at the same time. We anticipate the evening pickup to be busy, so if you can attend the daytime pickups that would help tremendously. 

If you would like to send your responsible student with the required RUP, insurance information, & laptop sleeve during scheduled pickup hours, we request a written permission from a guardian.

We will be assisting guardians and students in the order they arrive on the following dates and times:

Friday July 7th-Open to all grades
1pm - 7pm

Monday July 10th - 8th Grade
Noon - 4pm

Wednesday July 12th - 6th Grade
Noon - 4pm

Thursday July 13th - 7th Grade
Noon - 4pm

Not to worry if you or your student are not available during these times! Students who have not picked up their laptop will receive it during the first week of school.